Angelic Dove Sculpture Urn


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Designed to stand the test of time, our handcrafted Infinity sculpture urns are a beautiful yet discreet way to treasure a loved one’s ashes in the home or outdoors.

Hand cast and personally finished by one of our skilled artisans, this elegant Angelic Dove urn for ashes is a unique and meaningful resting place.

A powerful symbol of serenity and hope, as well as enduring love, the dove has long featured in memorial art. Its flight represents the soul’s journey to a peaceful eternal rest.

Your loved one’s ashes can be secured in the subtle box in the base, protected from wind and rain by a strong metal alloy. Rain or shine, you can trust that they will be safe and treasured.

Additional information

Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 25 × 47 cm

3 Litres