List of frequently asked questions.

Why buy from

The philosophy of is to give customers the widest possible choice of memorial products and to show the work of our supplier craftspeople to the widest audience possible. You will find a wider selection of urns, caskets, keepsakes, jewellery and the like than almost anywhere else. is an internet only retailer of ashes urns, caskets, keepsakes, memorial jewellery and the like. It is owned and operated by Rob Eaglesfield Dip.F.D. with over 25 years experience helping bereaved families deal with all aspects of the funeral arrangements. I am so confident in my products and service I offer an unconditional 28 day money back guarantee. I pay the return postage, so there is no risk to you. I even allow competitors adverts to appear on the site so you can see their offerings confident that you will return to make your purchase.

What’s “The Pat Man” is the name of this website, The Pat Man is the name I trade as. For reasons best known to themselves, PayPal only allows one account per entity. That has to be my main trading name.

Do you offer a discount if I buy more than 1 item?

I believe all my products offer tremendous value as it is. Especiall with Free delivery on everything. So I don’t offer discounts.

How long does delivery take?

Most purchases are dispatched the day after the order comes in. Obviously items “Made to order” have to be made and can take a week or two before they are ready for despatch. Then it’s down to the delivery service. Most items arrive in 3 – 5 working days. However I urge you not to plan any event or travel etc. until the item is in you hand, undamaged and to you complete satisfaction. Items can get lost, delayed or damaged in transit and there is always the possibility the item is not what you thought it was going to be.

Can I order over the phone or by post?

Sorry, No. The only payment option I have is PayPal. That is all done online. I could not take or process any payment over the telephone, even if I had one. Neither can I process any payment sent through the post. I would not reccomend sending cash or any sensitive information over the phone or through the post to anyone for for anything. As PayPal is not a regular type of bank account I cannot process cheques. There are no BACS details I could send either.

Do you deliver to…?

I am a UK only retailer. I only supply to addresses in the UK, with a UK Postcode.
I don’t supply Europe, America or the rest of the world.

What is the difference between an Urn and a Casket?

Technically an Urn is a round container on a pedestal while a casket is a small chest. Here I use Urn to mean any round ashes container and Casket to mean any cuboid container but I use them loosely so some items appear under both headings.

How do I choose from the large number of Urns and Caskets?

I would suggest adding all “Maybe” items to the shopping cart. There is no obligation by doing that. Then when you have finished browsing click “Go To Checkout” where you can see all your selections again. Click “Remove” for all those you have decided are not quite right and they will disappear. When all that are left in the shopping cart are the items you want, click “Make Purchase” to let me know what your selection is and it will send you to the payment screen.

What happens if I don’t like my purchase when it arrives?

Just return it for a full refund. We honour all your rights under the Distance Selling Regulations and even exceed them in some regards. You can purchase with complete confidence.

Will you refund the delivery charge for returned items?

I honour all my obligations under the distance selling regulations. (it’s actually illegal not to refund you in full for returned items).
To make it easier for you I send out a pre-paid return label. You just attach it to the parcel and drop it in at any of the 4,500 Collect+ agents, Lots of newsagents, corner shops and garages are agents and have long opening hours.

Do you offer an engraving service?


Engraving an urn would make my unconditional money back offer conditional as personalised items would have to be exempt.

I recommend you see, hold and are completely satisfied with an urn before committing to having it inscribed.

Once you have the urn it’s relatively easy to have it engraved at a Trophy Shop, Cobblers or Locksmiths who often have the equipment. You are also able to discuss what you want engraved, the space available, the typeface used etc. with the engraver.

There are a few materials which are not suitable for engraving such as Ceramics, Cast Carerra Marble, Polyresin and Polystone.

What is a Keepsake?

A keepsake is a small urn. Sometimes it is the same design as a full size adult urn. It is used if someone wants a portion of the ashes to keep away from the main urn.

How large an urn do I need?

Most of my urns are over 3 Litres which is large enough to accommodate the ashes of almost everyone.

In the UK cremators are made to roughly standard dimensions. Although it may change in the future, at the moment there are people who are too large to be cremated. The effect of this is that there is a maximum size of person who can be cremated, and so a maximum size of ashes produced. Standard size urns will accommodate the ashes of anyone who has been cremated.

For pets you can estimate half a litre for a cat or rabbit, half to two litres for a dog depending on breed. Small mammals such as hamsters or gerbils and birds would be considerably less than half a litre.

Can I use a pet urn as a keepsake for a person’s ashes?

Of course. You can use any of my urns for any purpose. A cat shaped urn could be perfect for a cat loving person or a casket for your dog could be chosen to compliment the decor of your home. The main consideration is the capacity and the amount of ashes you want to store in an urn.

Are the urns just for ashes?

No. You can use the urns to keep almost anything in. The adult sized urns usually have some space inside when filled to which you could add personal items or mementos, letters or any other special things you think appropriate.

Do you have a paper catalogue?

No. This website is the catalogue. As I am constantly adding items to the website a paper catalogue would be out of date before it returned from the printer. Occasionally items are discontinued so I can remove them from the website but would be unable to remove them from the catalogue.

Do you have a phone number?

No. I did when first opened but the number of calls from customers was negligible compared to the number of nuisance calls from advertising salespeople so It was discontinued. The very best way to make an enquiry is with the contact page

Do you know there are spelling mistakes on some of your pages?

Yes. They are there to make spotting plagarism easier. If someone cuts and pastes from this site it is easier to identify and prove if the text contains exactly the same spelling mistakes.