Acorn eco urn- Gold foil

The specially designed lid and base of this Acorn Urn are manufactured from moulded recycled paper and the stalk of the lid is made from a twist of recycled paper.The Acorn Urn is light weight, fully biodegradable and produced to a standard 10″ high x 8″ wide. The close fitting lid makes it ideal for the storage or burial of ashes. It has a capacity of 4 Litres.
Gold - The gold Acorn Urn is prepared with a dark red base paper onto which Dutch metal gold foil ( an alloy of copper and zinc) is applied. As the leaf is applied cracks and small breaks naturally appear in the surface, which allow the underlying red surface to show through and add to the overall richness of the finish. The stalk of the lid is made from a twist of recycled paper.

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Price: £79.99

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